A look at Microsoft’s Windows Server ‘Business Anywhere’ Campaign


The Windows Server 2012 Business Anywhere campaign has been designed to help small to midsize businesses (SMBs) understand how Windows Server 2012 can give their employees the flexibility to work anywhere they need to be. Microsoft is aiming the campaign at an ideal customer base of businesses with 25 to 75 PCs and 1 to 5 servers. We use these servers to help our clients set up a secure and easy to use, IT space, which can be accessed by members of staff anywhere at any time. As a physical alternative to cloud computing, windows servers can offer a reliable IT platform that can be accessed anywhere whilst providing peace of mind that all of the valuable company data is securely stored physically in house.

Windows server 2012 provides businesses with:

  • Consistent experience across devices
  • Easy remote access to on-site apps
  • Mobile productivity in the cloud

Servers provide an opportunity to deliver solutions around mobility and remote access, as companies look for new ways to give colleagues access to their workspace wherever and whenever they need. And Microsoft highlights the need for this in their campaign:

“According to a recent AMI Research study, by far the majority of SMBs have mobile workers and nearly half have employees who telecommute1. According to IDC, SMBs will continue to increase investment in products that support mobile workers and help them be more productive in their jobs:

  • 298M worldwide SMB mobile worker projected in 20162
  • 44% of SMBs have workers who telecommute3
  • 86% of SMBs use smartphones at work3”


IT companies like ourselves are constantly developing new lines of business around mobility and remote access to gain a share of this expanding market, take a look at our cloud services for example.There’s opportunities in enabling remote access via various smart devices which can help businesses control of their mobile infrastructure.

With an increasing trend of working on the move and remote working, businesses are constantly looking for ways to manage It access to make it as easy as possible for their workforce to remain productive. With Windows Server 2012, companies can have a unique advantage and opportunity to deliver cost-effective solutions and services using a consistent, comprehensive platform that spans on-premises and cloud, as well as PCs and mobile devices.




Source: Windows OEM Partner Centre 2014

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