Earlier this week, it was leaked that the new iPhone 8 was only weeks away from release and of course every social media outlet that you can think of was reporting about it. Every tech page has some sort of article on the new release, whether it was on the design of the phone or the technology behind the screen.

It’s iPhone’s 10 year anniversary, so the anticipation for this phone is extraordinary. Each year Apple seams to treat the public with a new feature or higher quality camera, but what will this years iPhone 8 bring to the table?

Apple’s first ever iPhone, launched in 2007, re-shaped the mobile phone market entirely.  Now 10 years on, the new iPhone 8 has consumers salivating. Because this is the 10th anniversary, there’s been heavy speculation on the naming of the iPhone, the name ‘iPhone X’ has been thrown around a lot and also ‘iPhone pro’ has been in the works too. Although ever since the Apple introduced the ‘Plus’ option, people are starting to wonder whether an iPhone Pro Plus or an iPhone X plus sounds so big, it’s almost scary.

But what’s actually new? Well, the latest trend with new mobile phones is managing to fit a screen that covers the entire surface area of the device. LG introduced the G6 earlier this year and Samsung brought us the massively popular Galaxy s8, which has seen masses of positive reviews. It just seems that Apple are a bit late to the party, on a total coverage screen.

At the time of Apple’s first ever phone release, Blackberry was dominating the business sector when it came to phones. Blackberry mastered the skill of designing a phone that worked perfectly for businessmen and women needing a phone that can keep up with busy schedules and still function properly. Since the demise of blackberry, Apple has stormed the market and cemented themselves at the top of the food chain in modern day business tech.

Of Apple’s other big pieces of tech, the Macbook, iMac and iPad, it’s only really the iPad that has made a big dent in the business world. But as Apple’s phones and tablets take a bigger hold in businesses tech arsenal, perhaps we will start to see less Surface Pros and Dell notebooks and more iPad Pro’s and Macbooks in around boardroom tables sitting next to their iPhone 8s.