There’s no doubt that IT and technology is an expensive business.

With new devices and software coming out all the time, it’s no surprise that you end up spending a fortune on IT equipment and the latest technology for your business. So, with this big cost, it’s also no surprise that we like to save money where we can.

You might decide, as many do, that IT support is an area where you can afford to cut costs, either by employing a cheap IT support company or not having any at all.

This is a bad idea.

It is now the backbone of many businesses. If you lose it, your business could be in real trouble. And then, you find yourself thinking, what was the point in spending all that money on IT equipment? Surely it makes sense to have a plan in place and investing in IT support to ensure that should the technology stop working, your business doesn’t have to.

So now you’ve made the decision to invest in IT support, you should be aware of the cheap options. They may not give you the level of support that your business needs. Waiting 3 days for a response to an email is no good if your system has crashed, whereas the like us of us have experienced engineers on hand to answer calls and a support desk open 24/7.

You pay for sound knowledge, a fast response and vast experience when you get good quality IT support. A cut price service may not have backup systems, disaster recovery plans or security services available, all a must-have for any IT reliant business.

It’s worth checking exactly what you are getting before you go for the cheaper option. Paying for IT support that can’t really help, really is a waste of your money.