If you work in the creative industry you will have more than likely experienced a moment when you get to the end of a design or a project and there has been a major IT meltdown and all work is lost. Designs take time, effort and creativity so when this is lost it is hard to recreate and replicate the original work.

In the modern era of the creative sector for both agencies, freelancers and in-house designers IT has become a major part of the design process from concept to creation and all that falls in between. There are specialist systems and programs that are used frequently to enhance and make the creative process more efficient therefore when these are compromised so too is the work that is being produced.

Cloud backup

One way that your IT can be enhanced is by using a cloud-based backup system. One of the major benefits of a cloud-based system is the accessibility and flexibility aspect. Files can be accessed, saved and altered from different locations and devices. Security is another benefit, files aren’t physically stored on a computer and so if laptops or desktops were to be stolen the files that would usually be on them aren’t compromised. Cloud systems are very affordable and so can work for both small and big businesses you only pay for what you need and should your business expand and you require more cloud storage it is easy to upgrade.

Cloud systems are just one way that IT can help creative-based businesses. At CNS we consider every option available and create and install plans that are tailored to your specific business and that will eventually enhance the way you work. To see how CNS can benefit your business please contact us.