Everybody wants to get their hands, or wrists, on the new smart watches. So what does this mean for IT support?

This week, Android released their latest Android Wear update, and the pre-orders for the Apple Watch sold out so quickly that the waiting list to get your hands on one is over 2 months. People all over the world want to own a smart watch, whoever it is powered by. And no doubt, as demand for these devices seems to be incredibly hight, there will be multiple versions with multiple updates run by hundreds of different operating systems. But what does this mean for those of us who are used to the trusty desktop computer?

Well, as the world’s use of technology progresses, IT support will have to as well. In business today it is not simply a case of knowing how your desktop works. The use of mobile technology, such as mobiles and tablets, is now commonplace in the office. Unfortunately, this technology often needs support too! So those who work in the IT sector are already having to expand their knowledge of new technologies, and it will be the same for wearable technology.

The point of smart watches is to make technology even more mobile than it is with, well a mobile. These devices have WiFi and you can text and email on them. This probably means that in a few years time, like the mobile, we will be using them for business. And in turn, this means people will need tech support. If you are using IT and technology as part of your business is is incredibly important that these devices can work together to create an effective and safe business environment in the digital world. This is a really important aspect of IT support.

So, be prepared IT guys, sooner or later, the smart watch may just be something you have to get to know.