Whether we like it or not, spam is often unavoidable

Spam, or junk mail, are emails sent to you from companies you don’t know and have no relationship with, and without your permission. Whatever measure we take to avoid it, all of us will receive a spam email at some point. It’s inevitable.

But what if you’re receiving countless spam emails every day? You’re getting more messages from spammers than from clients or contacts.

This can cause you problems

Firstly, there’s the simple issue that they are a waste of time. The time it takes you to recognise the spam messages and delete them or block them is time you could have spent doing something much more useful.

Secondly, many spam emails can contain viruses. If you do receive junk mail, try not to open the email and definitely don’t follow the links. This can cause you problems a lot more complex than simply deleting the email if your computer gets infected with a virus.

Finally, spam is sometimes sent in the form of something inappropriate or offensive. You don’t want that sort of thing being opened in the office.

So what should you do about it?

Well, there are a few steps you can take to avoid an inbox full of junk.

Generally, spammers get hold of your email address when you sign up for things. So, first thing to keep in mind is don’t sign up to websites that you don’t trust. Often when shopping online, you are required to give your email address to register or sign up. Only do this if you think the the site is reputable.

If you do trust the site, there is still a chance they will send you emails that you don’t particularly want. it’s worth creating an email address simply for this type of thing. That way you work or personal email address isn’t clogged up with junk that takes you ages to filter.

Finally, when signing up to things online, there are usually boxes you need to tick, or not, to indicate whether you are happy for your email to be passed on. Read these carefully as it’s not a case of every one is the same. Some sites ask you to tick the box if you DON’T want your email passed on and some ask you to tick it if you DO.

The best way to stop spam…

Take these really simple steps and it should reduce the amount of spam you receive. But if you’re running a business, the best way to ensure you remain spam free is by getting a spam filter installed on your systems.
Get in touch with an IT company like us and we can kit you out with a programme that analyses your emails and decides which ones are junk for you. This could save you an awful lot of time and leave you to get on with running your business.