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In this ever-changing technical world, the creators are now discontinuing some types of technology that were once incredibly popular. In this blog we look back at the various technology types that have been killed off by the likes of Facebook, Microsoft, Google and many more. Here are our top 5 dead pieces of technology.

Google Code
Google code was launched in 2006 as a hosting services the kept development tools and API’s. Google code was shut down purely because there are much better technology alternatives to use. Google stated that they put Google code in motion in 2006 because of the limited options available at the time. But company’s like GitHub and BitBucket have increased in popularity, ultimately leading up to Google code’s demise.

Windows 8
When window 8 was originally released, many people were looking forward to it’s potential possibilities. However windows 8 was more of a car crash than a triumph. The biggest problem was, a large number of the users didn’t get it, as it was too complex to understand, meaning users gave up with it almost straight away. Microsoft realised the issue, eventually bringing out windows 10 to replace it.

Adobe Flash
At the end of 2015 Google stopped supporting advertisements running on adobe flash, shortly after Adobe declared that they would removing Flash from their software portfolio entirely, although they have regenerating it as a web animation tool called Animate CC. Flash’s demise was not helped by Apples refusal to support it on their mobile devices.

Mailbox was purchased by dropbox in 2013 for 100 million dollars. This brought a lot of attention to the app and as a result it increased its popularity massively. Many people thought that it was the start of something great, however three years later, mailbox was dead. Mailbox fell victim of its parent company diverting their attention on creating new ways of collaborating with different company’s in order to work better and more efficiently. Technically mailbox died in December 2015, but the killing off of the technology wasn’t completed until February of the next year.

Facebook Parse
Facebook parse was originally a mobile backend service platform originally created by the provider Parse. The company was then acquired by Facebook in 2013, but shut down in 2017. Many people thought that Parse didn’t offer enough existing solutions, it also didn’t help that Facebook was unable to on board a single major IOT vender onto Parse. Because of this, Facebook ultimately shutdown Parse in order to focus more on their social media mobile messaging.