Can a new Operating System on the cloud benefit your business?

On the 8th April Microsoft ended support for XP leaving many businesses with an out-dated system and unsure of where to go and what operating system to use which would best benefit their company.

We would recommend…

the latest version of the windows operating system, which is Windows 8.1. However businesses have been cautious of the move to an operating system and user interface, which initially appears so different to XP.

In fact, Windows 8.1 is very similar to XP and according to Microsoft was “built for business. Apart from the new start screen (which can be turned off to reveal a traditional desktop) 8.1 is just a smoother, slicker, faster modern version of the most popular windows OS of the last decade.

Even so, the new ‘start’ screen can even boost efficiency within your computer use, with emails, browser and applications available at the click of a mouse of even a touch of the screen as soon as you are logged in. And with the operating system being compatible between any windows device including tablets and smartphones windows 8 becomes the ideal operating system to streamline your business IT into the cloud.

Windows 8, The Cloud and Office 365

The great thing about windows 8 is that it’s made to run right alongside cloud computing with Office 365, which allows companies to give their employees the option to work from any windows computer or device or in fact anywhere with an internet connection. We’ve written about the great things cloud computing can do for you company in another of our blog posts (link) so we’re going to focus on Office 365 and the benefits this, alongside windows 8 and cloud computing can bring to your business.

The latest version of Office 365 has seen the IT industry embracing the product with open arms as a great alternative to Google Apps and a brilliant way for businesses to grow over the cloud. Some of the key areas Microsoft overhauled in the February 2013 release of Office 365, to bring us the platform as we know it, include:

  • A non-discriminating browser-based experience.  Where users can access 365 on any browser (not just internet explorer)
  • Great spam, malware prevention and security. (read our post about Microsoft cloud security here)(link)
  • Multiplatform responsive capabilities – You can access the cloud on any device including iPhones, Androids, Windows Phones and even BlackBerries.
  • Office Web App documents can be created without desktop Office. Documents, spread sheets, in fact anything you used to do in desktop office you can create in Web App Office 365 without the need to install the desktop version on your computer first.
  • It’s simple and easy to use! Anyone can use Office 365, there’s no complicated jargon or complex user interfaces. Just office as you know it but online so that you can access it anytime anywhere!

Office 365 comes in a number of different packages to suit your company’s IT requirements and number of users. All packages come with business-class email, online conferencing, public website, file storage & sharing and Office online. Some packages even include active directory integration and self-service business intelligence as well as a desktop version of the office software.

We think upgrading to Windows 8 and Office 365 cloud can make a difference to any business IT by cutting costs and streamlining workflow to make sure that your workforce can always get the job done, share and save data wherever they are.

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