disaster recovery plan

As technology improves, the ways in which your business could be hit by disaster change and increase.

Once upon a time, disaster recovery planning meant having an alternative location to set up if your office was truck by fire or flooding and making multiple copies of your documents and files. As technology and IT have become more important in the business world, and now form the basis of many companies, disaster recovery planning becomes a different story. Yes, your premises are still vulnerable to floods and fires, but your equipment is vulnerable to a very different type of disaster.

It’s fairly easy to replace a building or equipment if it gets damaged or stolen, but if something happens to your business data then it’s gone and there is no quick fix for replacing it.

Records show that 60% of businesses close within 6 months of a total data loss which is a pretty scary thought.

The disaster recovery plan

Keeping the latest version of critical data safe, and making it quickly and easily available after a disaster is key to a fast and effective disaster recovery, and CNS have the knowledge and skills to help our clients to put in place a plan for the recovery of their data.

A disaster recovery plan is much more than just backing up your data, it’s about having a strategy for backing up and then restoring data in a way that won’t cost your business too much in downtime as well as lost data. It needs to be comprehensive and professional and that’s where we come in. When planning for the worst, you need to employ the best to make sure that the disaster as minimal impact on your business.