Technology and sport are not necessarily two things we world normally associate. But in reality, the sporting world can rely quite heavily on technology and IT.

Sport is something physical. The act of doing sport is one of the very few things these days that doesn’t rely on the use of technology. But that does;t mean that IT and technology don’t have a place in the sporting world. When you think about it, there are many ways in which technology can be very useful, and sometimes, invaluable, for a whole range of different sports.

Online tickets sales

These days, as many tickets are bought online before the game (whatever that may be), as are bought on the door on match day. Many sports, from Football, Rugby, Basketball and Cricket rely on online ticket sales to ensure seats will be filled for the upcoming games. It allows teams to evaluate attendance and thus security, health and safety, staffing etc. way before the game, giving them a great advantage. It also allows people to claim discounts and offers on tickets whiteout having to get their hands on a physical voucher. Arguably, making people much more likely to cash in their discount and buy a ticket.

Online marketing

Essentially, sport is a business. And just like any other business, sports teams need to market themselves in order bring in the business. Online is one of the most effective ways to this this. IT and technology allows teams to create an online presence for their teams. It allows fans to get involved, discuss their team, publish match reports, post about upcoming games and even interact with the players on the likes of Twitter. This online presence is really important for a club in any sport as it creates excitement which will bring in the crowds and thus, more money for the sport.

Live action

In most sports these days there is a live feed of the action at the venue itself or at least a screen giving details of the score. Whether this is football or boxing often there are screens positioned in the stadium which allow those sitting further away keep up with the action. This sort of technology allows stadiums and venues to welcome bigger crowds without people feeling they are missing out on the game.

SO whilst technology is not necessarily vital to actually playing sport, it can be incredibly useful when promoting or organising it. No sector is left out when it comes to IT, it has a use pretty much anywhere, and as a result, so do we!