We get it, You want all the convenience and technological intelligence of a smartwatch, but still want to attend grown-up parties without looking like an extra from ‘Men In Black’. All you wanted to do is count your steps in peace, but you reach for a glass of champagne, pulling back your sleeve, and all of a sudden your friends and co-workers are all “Hey, is that a smartwatch? Make it do a trick for me.”

If that’s the case, the Martian mVip Smartwatch is the toy/fashion statement for you. It has all the futuristic super-tech you could want while maintaining the fashionable appearance of an ordinary wristwatch. A classic polished stainless steel case and leather strap suggest sophistication and timeless class, but inside, a modern computer tracks your steps and sleep, alerts you of contact notifications with subtle vibrations and colour changes, and can even tell your phone to snap photos for you. It’s the perfect watch for James Bond — if James Bond didn’t need to fight people for a living and also was concerned with his fitness.

Best of all, the Martian mVip Smartwatch comes in three distinct — but all equally classic — looks: Silver on silver, black on black, and silver on black. They’re priced at £215. At CNS we have been loving these little guys, they’re perfect for a corporate event, or if you’re the type to dress a little more sophisticated to the office.