Technology and the creative industry

How the Creative Industry has come to Rely on Technology and IT

The rapid growth of technology is quickly changing the way we live our lives. Most processes that we encounter are now digital. Technology has become vital to a successful workplace especially in the creative industry and many jobs within this industry could not be done without the input of technology.

It has completely transformed the way the creative industry works. Graphics and illustration software now replace the traditional pen and paper way of creating designs. Most creative work is increasingly becoming web based with the introduction of so many online programs and applications. People and organisations now rely heavily on technology in order to complete everyday tasks.

The departure from the traditional method of completing creative tasks to using technological processes has had many benefits for the creative industry. It has allowed organisations to reach their maximum efficiency but with reduced costs. The creative industry is now able to connect with a wider audience. The increase in the use of social media has created many opportunities for organisations to exhibit what they do and receive feedback from its target market .

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