How technology has changed the way charities operate

Ensuring you have a Functioning IT System could Help your Charity Grow.

Technology is rapidly changing the way that the non profit sector operates. CNS can provide you with the best IT services in order to be a success. Using specialised IT systems and cutting edge CRM tools can not only revolutionise the way in which you interact with current donors but also simplify the way that you attract new donors.


Software now plays an important part in how a charity functions. The quality of the users experience is of great importance especially as there is more use of mobile devices for society’s everyday computing needs. CNS can help ensure that all software is functioning and that all information can be accessed on all mobile devices, tablets and desktops.


The introduction of the cloud could be of great importance to charities. It offers a secure and high quality place for organisations to keep files and is less costly than other physical solutions. Non profit organisations can benefit greatly from the cloud as it allows them access to a range of services that were previously expensive to access. The cloud allows flexible working between a team and work collaboratively on documents. CNS can provide your charity with a range of services such as cloud email, cloud desktop and cloud backup.

Social Media

The rapid growth of technology has also lead to an increase in social media users. Using social media has become beneficial to charities as it allows them to have direct communication with potential donors across an array of networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

So ensuring that your charity is technology ready is worth doing, as it could really boost the strength of your organisation.