With remote business growing, are you wondering whether to invest in a mobile device?

As the cloud continues to grow and it’s development makes working from out of the office much easier, you may be considering whether to get yourself a tablet or a netbook from which you can work from home.

To help make the decision as to which mobile device to get a little easier, we’ve taken a look at the pros and cons of both when it comes to business.

Tablet: The Pros

A tablet is perfect if you are always on the go. It’s portability means it’s pretty easy to send a quick email or browse the web.
As you can get many different tablets with a 3G connection, you can browse the net anywhere with phone signal. Great for remote business.
Tablets, generally, have a pretty good battery life. Obviously that is shortened of you are watching films or streaming music, but for web browsing, that last pretty well.
Some, very sophisticated tablets, can be used like a phone to make calls. This can be really useful if you are working out of the office.

Tablet: The Cons

Tablets can be very expensive. Admittedly, you can go for a cheaper option, but it won’t do as much for you as the top range ones can.
Tablets are not great when it comes to multitasking. Rather than minimising a tab, you normally have to come out of one application to access another on a tablet.
Although you can get plug-in keyboards, tablets are not ideal for typing at length. For a quick email they are perfect, but when it comes to typing up a report or writing a blog, the touch screen can be a little frustrating.

Netbook: The Pros

Like the tablet, Netbooks also have a fairly decent battery life, a slong as you are not using them to stream films.
Again, like tablets, you can get netbooks with 3G so you can get online anywhere. However, this is not as common as it is on a tablet.
Generally, Netbooks are cheaper than tablets. However, there are some small laptops which will cost you a lot more than any tablet.
They are much smaller than most laptops, generally with an 11” screen. This means they’re easy to take to meetings in a bag or briefcase.

Netbook: The Cons

Whilst they are easy to carry between locations, netbooks are not as easy to use on the go as tablets. If you want to send a quick email whilst on the go, this is a much more difficult task than it would be on a tablet.
Although some have a 3G connection, most don’t which means if you want to work using the cloud or online, you need a WiFi connection.

The Verdict?

Both the netbook and a tablet can be great tools for business. So before you invest in either one, or both, it’s worth doing your research to find out what device is going to help you out most with running your business.