If you use a lot of IT in your business, then you’ll need software to run it.

All the best IT hardware is no good if you don’t have the software to run it correctly. You need to source the best software at the best price to make your IT cost effective. AT CNS we’ll help you secure your software from out industry leading partners.

At CNS, we want to deliver the best, so we work with the best. Our partnerships include:

Microsoft Gold Partner – The World’s leading software developer
AVG Gold Partner – “recognised as one of the biggest players in the security software market”
Attix5 Secure Backup Partner – World-class data protection software
Kaseya Monitoring Partner – “Early warning allows for user notification and redundancy measures”

Getting the right fit for you

Just because we are partnered with these software providers, doesn’t mean we’re going to push them all on you. It’s important that you find the right software for your business, so we provide you with the support and advice you need to procure the right software for your business.

Not only do we support your during the procurement process, but we provide excellent after sale support to ensure that once you’ve got your software installed, you’re not left to handle it on your own. We’re always there as backup to answer your questions.

So if you’re looking for help when it comes to software procurement, CNS and our partners have got you covered.