cloud email long

These days, everything is done online. That includes email. If you’re not using cloud email for your business, then maybe you should think about whether you should be.

With pretty much everything else done online, it makes sense to handle your emails online as well. As remote working because more and more important so does having access to your email address wherever you are.

Here are some of the benefits from our perspective:

Lower set up costs

As you’re using the latest and best technology, as technology moves on and improves, you’ll reap the benefits without any further investment at a local level.

Faster deployment

The time it takes set set up a cloud email is significantly less that locally based solutions. If you are a new or small business with a low budget, then cloud emails could be a time and money saving solution.

Less expenditure

Initial costs are low and you don’t need to invest in software. However, for a decent and reliable cloud email client, there will be a fixed monthly cost and it’s worth bearing that in mind.

That’s how we, as an IT support business would assess the benefits to cloud email. To you as a business, they may be different. When it comes to practicality and efficiency, it makes sense to use cloud email for your business. You can access them anywhere, sharing files is easy and you’re getting constant updates to improve the service.

If you want to look into the benefits of cloud email further, we’re more than happy to discuss it with you. But if you’re not currently using cloud email for your business, then we think it’s worth thinking about.