Server Monitoring

Understanding how your servers are performing, and fixing any issues and outages quickly and effectively is vital to the smooth running of any IT system. Downtime is expensive, causing inconvenience to your employees and customers alike, and can result in lost business. Accurate performance monitoring, rapid analysis and effective response to errors is crucial to maintaining high performance.

CNS monitoring continues day and night all year round. Our automated systems report issues in real-time to our engineers via texts and emails, day and night, and throughout weekends and national holidays, ensuring true 24/7 expert coverage 365 days of the year.

The collected data is analysed using sophisticated tools, and turned into trend information which indicates current performance against service level agreement (SLA), and can be used to predict future performance and anticipate fails. Our data can also indicate how well your IT is performing against your system needs and is an invaluable aid to future IT planning.
Our user-friendly server performance reports can help your business to avoid costly downtime and lost sales, and ensure your servers are meeting your needs every day.

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