Security and Anti-virus

IT security has never been more critical – every day, your IT system, and therefore your business, is under threat of an attack of one type or another – whether hackers are trying to steal your information or malicious individuals and groups are out to cause trouble and breakdown of service. No matter what the motive, the result can be the same – paralysis.

It is more vital than ever before that your business has the best security and anti-virus protection available, but not every organisation has the in-house expertise to select and support this crucial function.

At CNS we pride ourselves on maintaining the security of our customer’s networks, and along with this pride come many benefits to our customers, including access to highly skilled engineers who really understand the danger to your business, and keep constantly up to date with the latest trends, emerging threats and solutions.

End-to-End Security

End-to-end is an IT buzz phrase that simply means ‘everything’ – in other words, every step of the way from the end user to the servers. Our security service is designed to cover this entire path, at the lowest cost to your business, without compromising security.

CNS will only recommend and provide the best available security products; the ones that we use day in and day out are all tried and tested products, and we make them available to all our customers however big or small they are.


We know that you need a reliable Anti-virus and we aim to provide you with the best support, so our managed service contracts all include the world’s leading Business Anti-virus package at no extra cost. Viruses constantly mutate and new ones are appearing all the time – our expert engineers are constantly in touch with developments in the anti-virus field, and we will always ensure that the products we recommend and provide are the best available.


All email systems worldwide get bombarded by masses of useless and often malicious spam every day. CNS has developed an unparalleled Enterprise Class spam filtering service, which is included in our support contracts. Let CNS take that load off your mind, and the spam out of your employees’ Inboxes.

Router & Firewall

CNS has years of experience in choosing just the right equipment for businesses large and small. Quite often, our analysis reveals that the hardware currently in place is holding the business back; it is just not capable of operating to the service level required. In this circumstance, we can provide you with a best of breed Router & Firewall solution, including free 8 hour fault swap out, as part of your CNS support contract.

Encrypted Backup

Our offsite backup solution uses the highest standard of Military Encryption in the industry. Don’t be fooled by cheap alternatives – your data is your company’s most precious asset (see Secure Onsite and Offsite Backup).

If you’d like to talk to us about our Security and Anti-virus services, get in touch.