License Compliance

Illicit software copies are illegal and costly to your business – in the worst case, you can end up being prosecuted for license infringement, and even if it doesn’t come to that, unlicensed software doesn’t benefit from regular supplier updates, and employees can often be working with different versions of the same package which can waste time and effort. Unlicensed software often doesn’t come complete with all the information and assistance needed in order to make the best use of its features either, so you could be losing out on some time or money-saving aspects of the packages.

Even if your software is licensed, you could still be wasting money if the software is under-utilised – you could be paying to support a package that is seldom if ever used.

Ensuring that all the software your employees are using is legitimate, licensed and being used correctly can be a time-consuming and thankless task. CNS has years of experience in the field of license compliance, and can take on this onerous task on your behalf, freeing your precious resources up to get on with more value-add tasks for your business.

We can put in place a Software Asset Management (SAM) strategy which will audit and document software presence and usage throughout all levels of your organisation, with the aim of ensuring that; every individual has legal, licensed versions of the software they need, anything illicit is removed, and any under-used licenses are re-allocated, therefore saving you money in support costs and avoiding fines for non-conformance.

Of course, a SAM audit is not a one-off event – in order to be effective, it needs to be repeated regularly, and in the interests of efficiency, to be partnered by a software procurement process that ensures that people who need software can obtain it in a controlled manner, rather than downloading illicit copies or purchasing personal copies, and we can work with you to provide this support.

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