How security on the web has become absolutely vital.

Making Sure Your Information is Secure is more Important than Ever!

In the News

In the last couple of weeks a number of unsuspecting celebrities have allegedly had private files and photos shared with the world over the internet. Images they had stored in their personal cloud based storage accounts and had assumed were completely private, appear to have been accessed and shared to the big wide technological world. With the number of alleged victims reaching 101, the story has become international news.

This news story has, rightly, raised important questions about internet and computer security. With the growing reliance on technology in business, more and more important, personal and confidential information is being stored, using a cloud platform, on the internet.

There are hundreds of benefits to using internet storage as it makes your information readily accessible when you need it. But you don’t want it to be accessible to anyone. It is therefore vital that your information is kept safe and secure whilst on the internet.

Making Sure you are Secure

The problem is not that these huge cloud based platforms cannot be secure, but that people and businesses do not ensure that their own security is good enough. That is why CNS help define and implement IT security policies.

A simple password is no longer good enough. Security systems must be robust in order to protect your business’ privacy in this day and age. With multiple devices and varying platforms routinely used for doing business, security that is appropriate for each device and platform becomes important, and it also becomes more complicated.

You can never be too careful when trying to protect sensitive information so employing professionals to check over your software and make sure everything is working across your entire company is absolutely worth doing. It only takes one chink in your security’s armour to reveal your private business to the world.

Surely, it is not worth the risk.