Gaming on smartphones is big business. So big that hardcore gaming firm Razer reckons there’s a better way to make a smartphone that’s good for games, one you won’t be embarrassed to walk round with and use in public.

Tom Moss, head of Razer’s mobile business, said: “We didn’t start out trying to make a gaming phone, but rather a phone for gamers. Something you wouldn’t be embarrassed about pulling out in public. And it had to have the highest performance both on paper and in real life benchmarks.”

Where Iphone 8 and Galaxy S8 are pretty good for gaming, Razer styles itself as the “lifestyle brand for the people that grew up as gamers” and believes there’s still scope for making the ultimate phone for gamers predicated on playing games and watching videos. Are these people really trying to go up against Apple though?

The problems? Well there’s quite a few, to begin with the design is a little strange – 8mm-thick monolithic slab of a smartphone that looks unusual in a world where every other smartphone has adopted a curved, svelte design. And although the Iphone X is the first £1,000 phone and this is cheap in comparison, £699 is still a little steep for it’s target audience, which is only between 15 and 25.