proffessional consultancy

At CNS we’re proud to offer a complete IT support service to our clients.

One of the most important aspects of this service is the professional consultancy we offer. This includes a range of different managed services means that rather than just fixing problems when they crop up, we can provide professional support and advice from the start of your contract to help protect your business from potential IT issues.

We think there are 4 important steps to take during the IT support process to ensure your business is fully supported.

So what are these steps?


Our IT experts will carry out a detailed audit of your current IT infrastructure – completely free of charge – and offer recommendations on possible improvements. This is important as it allows us to establish what you already have, and what you need from us.


If you’re happy with our recommendations, we will agree a plan of implementation, either for you to implement the changes yourselves, or for us to implement them for you – whichever suits your business needs and budget.


We offer support in a number of areas under our Managed Services banner which should help you to keep your business IT functioning, including:
– Server Monitoring
– Email Relay and Spam Filtering
– Secure Onsite and Offsite Backup
– Security and Anti-virus Services
– License Compliance
– Disaster Recovery Planning
– Hosting
– Managed Private Cloud Services
– Forward Planning


Business needs change over time, so when required we will audit the system again to make sure our records are up to date and you have the knowledge you need to plan efficiently for the future. This way, you’re not wasting money on IT services you longer need.

So if you think your business IT could benefit from our professional consultancy, give us a call.