Is your IT managed by just one person? If so, we think you could be taking a risk on your business.

Often when we ask people whether they currently have IT support, they say “yes we have a guy who looks after the IT”. Usually, this is exactly what they have, just one man or woman who looks after their entire IT suite, often for businesses with over 15 computers in operation daily.

Admittedly, this means your IT support is consistent and you know that your contact is aware of any previous issues and that can be a big help. But what happens if on the day that your entire system goes down, your IT guy is not available?

You and your business could be in trouble.

IT disasters can happen to anyone at any time and in a world where so many businesses rely wholly on IT, you need to make sure that your business is equipped to deal with them whenever they happen. If you are paying for IT support you want to know that whatever the problem, at whatever time it occurs, there is someone there who can help you out straight away and get you back online as soon as possible. Having an IT support department who go on holiday for 2 weeks in the summer and don’t work evenings and weekends, could make this a problem.

With our packages, you are getting a complete IT support service. Whether it’s a minor fault or a total system failure, we’ll have an expert on hand to help. IT support is so important these days because any IT downtime is money lost in a business run using IT, so if you are paying for IT support, make sure you are paying for a service you can use whenever your IT disaster strikes, not just when your IT one-man-band is available.