We take a closer look at Office 365 and Google apps to help you decide which is best for your business

As illustrated by the news, Google’s users were hit with a recent technological glitch. Gmail users worldwide experienced problems after google failed to update one of its security certificates for its services leading to many unsatisfied customers. This error also affected businesses worldwide due to email being a basic necessity of many organisations in order for them to communicate with others. Organisations that use Microsoft will not have experienced these problems, so lets compare the two in order to see which one is most beneficial to businesses.

Microsoft is a combination of traditional desktop and web based applications such as word, powerpoint and excel. Whereas, google apps is purely online based with access to its software mostly via web browsers or internet connected apps.

Lets take a closer look at some of their features…


When using Microsoft employees are able to use outlook as a desktop or web version. As well as this, additional features are provided by outlook that google does not provide such as meeting notes and settings that allow for incoming messages to be automatically sent to designated places. Both versions are also straightforward to use.

On the other hand, gmail may be more appealing to employees if they already have personal accounts as they are already familiar with how the program works. In addition to this, gmail has instant messenger built in meaning that employees are able to communicate with customers or each other in real time allowing for faster completion of processes.

Word processing

Google docs is perfect if you’re looking to use it for basic tasks such as report writing and for business letters but it struggles with the complexity of larger documents. Microsoft word is mostly favoured as you can create professional looking documents such as company brochures.


The most frequently used by businesses is most probably office’s excel. Google sheets is not as advanced and lacks certain tools that excel has.


Office’s powerpoint has more to offer as it is a more sophisticated programme offering a wider range of templates to its users.

Other apps and services

Microsoft’s smartphone apps are slightly less impressive than Google’s as it has its own specially adapted for both tablets and smartphones.


Google comes in as the cheapest offering two tariffs that range from £3.30 to £6.60. However, Microsoft offers a range of tariffs starting with their basic package which is £3.10 to more advanced business tariffs ranging between £5 and £15.


Both packages have their own advantages and disadvantages therefore it is entirely up to the company which they would prefer in terms of which specific tools they require. Google apps is perfect for businesses looking for a low maintenance program as users do not need to worry about issues such as back up, general maintenance or installation. The Microsoft office package is more suited to businesses that require desktop software and more specialist services.