internet service provider scam

Another week, another new online scam to report and another warning about staying safe when doing business online.

This time, tech and online experts have warned internet users to be vigilant as fraudsters pose as legitimate internet service providers to offer bogus tech support, either via the phone or on the net. The number of cyber criminals trying to scam you with this technique is on the rise.

In this day and age, most of us are pretty wary of callers who phone and claim to be from Microsoft and need access to your passwords immediately. But, as people become wise to one kind of cyber crime, another is developed. By posing as an internet service provider, hackers are instantly gaining the trust of their victims, claiming to be a legitimate company. And, as when it comes to internet service providers, you expect them to contact you via the internet, people are falling for it.

The online version of the scam involves a realistic pop-up that interrupts a victim’s normal browsing session with a message that appears to be legitimate and seems to come from the victim’s real ISP. The pop-up contains a message saying that the ISP has “detected malware”, and urging victims to call a number “for immediate assistance”.

Don’t fall for it, protect your business

We can’t stress enough to our clients who important it is that they remain vigilant when it comes to this kind of cybercrime. Of course, we ensure that all of our business clients have updated and competent security services. But that doesn’t mean that you are immune from this kind of scam. The only thing protecting you here is a bit of common sense. And if you’re not sure, that is what IT support is there for. Check with us.

Business data is so important, and you shouldn’t be taking any risks with it. With a new scam or virus revealing itself every week, you need to be internet-smart, or at least have someone like us on your team to be internet-smart for you!