How the new coding curriculum highlights the importance of IT Services.

If children are to become technology aces, maybe you should think about it too!

As of this September, a change in the curriculum in British schools means that every child between the ages of five and sixteen must be taught to code. This idea is already in place in different schools around Europe and seems to be growing in popularity.

What is Coding?

Coding, or programming, is the language used to create anything from computer functions to internet content. The mixtures of words and symbols create instructions for the computer which allows it to produces the websites.

Although ICT is already compulsory for every child in school, it is often basic and uncomplicated. This new, much more comprehensive addition to ICT lessons highlights the necessity for a computer literate generation.

The British government deem this technological language so important that they believe every child would benefit from having knowledge of it. And, like any language, the earlier a child begins to learn it, the easier it sticks.

What this Change Means

What this change in the curriculum highlights is that technology is so relevant in today’s world it has become as important as learning geography or history, for example. An ever-increasing number of jobs and courses now require a certain level of knowledge about computers and the way the internet works. It seems reasonable then, to believe that we should all have a basic knowledge of how these things work.

How You Can Keep Up

Whilst this change in the curriculum will ensure that the future generations have some more information about IT services and programmes, many people in business right now do not.

That is where CNS can help.

Getting things such as security services and backup systems right is vital to the growth and well-being of your business. But it is not always simple. Ensuring all your data is in the right place and procuring all your hardware is not an easy task, especially if you are a growing company.
Even if you are pretty good with computers, making sure that an office full of them work in harmony is no easy task. Our IT support and services can all of this crucial information and ensures it is suitable and usable for your company or business. Whether you need a little help, or a lot, it is worth consulting the professionals to ensure that your business is safe and secure in, what is becoming, a world dominated by technology.

So as your children learn to code at school, you’re not being left behind!