Ransomware is when a hacker takes over your website and refused to reinstate it until you pay a sum of money.

When we say there has been a Ransomware attack, you might assume first of all that the victim is a small to medium online store, and in the rarer cases a national name, but still a regular website who have lots to lose if their website goes down.

Well the latest victims of Ransomware certainly had lots to lose, but they weren’t your average small fry e-commerce website.

Last week the San Francisco travel agency were hit with a Ransomware attack. The hackers made a ransom demand of 100 Bitcoin, which amounts to about $70,000 (£56,000 ; €66,000). As a result of this attack, passengers were all able to travel for free across the city.

Computers across the city’s transport network, including at stations, were disabled with screens displaying a message from the attackers. The message read: “You Hacked, ALL Data Encrypted. Contact For Key(cryptom27@yandex.com)ID:681 ,Enter”.

Ransomware is a real threat, be vigilant

Once again, this attack serves as a reminder that pretty much anyone is vulnerable to a ransomware attack, even your small business website. Don;t make it easy for the hackers, make sure your website is protected as best as it possibly can be with the right security services. If you were victim to one of these attacks, you don;t just stand to lose the amount the hackers are demanding, but like the San Fransisco travel agency, you lose valuable revenue whilst your website is down. So don’t take any risks and make sure your site is well protected.