Whether it’s business or personal, we’ve all visited a shop online before.

But do you actually know how safe your business, or personal, details are when you shop online?

Recent research conducted by Dutch developer Willem De Groot suggests that almost 6,000 web shops are unknowingly harbouring malicious code that is stealing the credit card details of the customers who are using it. He found the 5,925 compromised sites by scanning for the specific signature of the data-stealing code in website software.

What this recent research tells us is that you never really know who had access to your information when you shop online. Hackers are clever and generally lurk in the background stealing your information without you noticing. So you must make sure you’re taking care of your details wen you buy online especially if you are shopping online from a computer that also has business data stored on.

First things first, you should make sure that the security services on your computer are up to date. You should be doing this anyway but if you’re going to be shopping online, don’t give the hackers an easy way in to your personal and business data.

Yiu should also be making sure that you are using safe and secure sites to make your online purchases. Gateways like PayPal are usually the safest option as they have their own security measures in place to stop such sensitive data from being stolen. If payment is not possible through a gateway, make sure the site you are providing your card details to is a secure and trusted site. If you have access this site via a link in an email and not directly, make sure the URL in your browser is the correct and official one.

These figures are actually pretty scary as we never really know how safe our details are when we shop online. But they should serve as a reminder that internet safety should be a top priority for you and your business.