IT support doesn’t just apply to businesses, we use IT equipment in most areas of life these days.

The education sector, is perhaps one of the sectors where IT is used the most. With all university and college essays now submitted online, homework issued to primary school children via a website and ICT lessons a mainstay on curriculums everywhere, there is no denying that the education sector is in need of IT support.

Just like your business, schools, colleges and universities need to ensure that they have the basic IT support bases covered.

Back Up

An effective backup systems is incredibly important when it comes to the education sector. Much of the admin in schools and universities is now done via computer, as it is with most businesses. It’s just as important for the education institutes to ensure they have this data backed up somewhere as it is to keep your business data backed up.

Security Services

Just as with any business, or for anyone using the internet regularly, security is one of the most important things to keep on top of. Schools, colleges and universities often keep details of their children on online systems. Obviously, this is important data and could be misused in the wrong hand, therefore it;s imperative that it’s keep safe. Keeping security measures up to date is as vital in the education sector as it is for any other business.


Finding the bast hardware and software for any business can be a big job, and the same applies when it comes to education. As they often need large numbers of computers, tablets and all kind of software, it’s important they find the right stuff. IT support can help with this. It’s worth asking the experts before investing in a large amount of hardware whatever sector or business you are in.

If you work in education, or if you run a business in any sector, it’s worth investing in IT support. If IT is something you need to run your school, university or business successfully, then it makes sense to have someone on-board who can help you out.