The importance of making sure your IT system is up to date and secure over Christmas

Online Shopping

The number of people online shopping reaches astronomical levels. Christmas shopping is made easier as we can sit at home, sheltered from the British weather and have our Christmas presents delivered to the door.

The weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a tradition we have adopted from America, saw the British public spend an estimated £810 million online. Websites crashed and delivery systems were, and still are, backlogged with the amount of online purchases waiting to be sent out.

So with this huge increase in online shopping, it is undoubtedly worth making sure that you are secure when buying online. If you are not correctly protected, is incredibly easy, when you know how, to find out someones personal details online. And shopping makes you particularly vulnerable. You are giving out your address and your bank details to many different websites.

Security online is so important and it is definitely work checking in with the experts at CNS to make sure your Christmas isn’t ruined by online hackers.

The Christmas Rush

It is not just online shoppers that may need some IT support this Christmas. If you run a business, big or small, the Christmas period is often a very busy one. Making sure that you have a efficient and effective IT system could be the key to making the Christmas rush as smooth as possible.

CNS IT can completely take over your IT system to monitor and manage it so that it never causes you a problem again. This includes security, so if your business does a lot of buying online, we can make sure you are doing so with minimal risk of a security breach.

The last thing you want when returning to work after Christmas, much, much heavier and significantly out of pocket, is a slow and vulnerable IT system. So let us sort it out now and make that return to work just a little bit easier in the new year!

Managing all aspects of your IT, so that you don’t have to worry, is our Christmas gift to you!