Internet Explorer

These days, an internet browser in one of the most important tools when running a business, or just in every day life!

It’s unsurprising then that, being such an essential tool, there are multiple different browsers for us to choose fem. The most popular ones these days are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari (if you’re using an Apple device, and of course, the old classic, Internet Explorer.

However, the Windows run Internet Explorer could be on it’s way to extinction, in name at least, as Microsoft launch their new and improved web browser. According to some tech experts, the reason Microsoft are keen to ditch Internet Explorer, is the negative connotations now connected to the browser.

The rise of Internet Explorer

When IE was launched in 1995 it was the only one of it’s kind. Over 20 years, 11 versions of the browser were released and it became responsible for 95% of all web visits. However, when Mozilla Firefox came along in 2004, followed by Chrome in 2008, they outclassed IE, introducing users to apps, customization, private browsing and extensions.

Meanwhile, Spyware, adware and computer viruses used vulnerabilities in the way IE was set up to install itself on users’ computers. There was a security scandal in 2006 when it was discovered it was possible for rogue websites to steal information or take control of users’ computers. In 2008, the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) recommended turning off the ActiveX controls inside IE because of security concerns.

These concerned with internet security, as cybercrime was rising all the time, meant that IE earn itself a reputation for being slow, unsafe and generally not as good as the alternatives.

Arise, Spartan

So, it’s unsurprising that with their latest Windows update, Microsoft have launched an all new web browser called Spartan. Set up to compete with the likes of Chrome and Safari, Spartan could challenge them to become the web’s number 1 browser.

So, whilst 2016 may spell the end of Internet Explorer, it will always be one of the most well known browsers and hopefully, Spartan can take it’s place for Microsoft.