Server Design & Implementation

Servers are at the heart of most businesses; this is how they work with data, and therefore correct planning, design and implementation are the keys to a successful outcome when installing or upgrading a server. All of our server installations are preceded by discussion and documentation of the core objectives for each customer. Design considerations and details are structured within a pre-Install worksheet, which becomes the basis for system setup, reducing the number of days required for implementation and ensuring the proper setup of the system to achieve the business goals.

Perhaps the most critical component in deploying any new system is to ensure that the system is configured properly at the outset. This needs to be followed by training staff for effective use and maintenance, especially if CNS are not monitoring the system as part of a managed service.

We are experts in all the major hardware players including HP, Dell and IBM and are happy to configure servers to accept requests from several operating systems, yet deliver a seamless service to all devices and OS’s

Our services include planning, design and deployment of a physical server or servers with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) infrastructure. We will develop name resolution, application integration and optimisation of network services.

A typical list of services could include:

Implement server upgrade and migration

  • Design an automated server installation strategy
  • Plan and implement a server deployment infrastructure
  • Plan and implement file and storage services
  • Design and implement a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) solution
  • Design a name resolution solution strategy
  • Design and manage an IP address management solution
  • Design a VPN solution
  • Design a DirectAccess solution
  • Implement a scalable remote access solution
  • Design a network protection solution
  • Implement a network protection solution

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