Cabling and Cabs

With the plethora of wireless-enabled devices around you may question the need for cabling, but there are just some jobs that have to be hardwired and we know the best and most cost-effective way to do it.

When taking over a network we typically look at all the legacy cabling to make sure it’s up to scratch and that there are no breaks in the system. We also look if there are ways to simplify the cabling structure, as many systems have come about through necessity rather than design. As systems and businesses expand, new pieces of hardware and new users are added to the network. In many businesses, this is done in a haphazard way which leads to a confused cabling network. We will unclutter the cables and find the most efficient way for users to access the systems they need; we can also do a complete reinstall if it’s required.

Moving Premises

For businesses which are moving premises, to reduce costs, we will always try to utilise any existing cabling and networking sockets. Our engineers will work with the business to re-configure the new building to their exact requirements, cloning the setup where possible.

New Installs

If we install a network from scratch, we will consult with all the stakeholders in the business to make sure the cabling and placement of sockets is both perfect for the business now, and also for any future growth plans. Qualified engineers do all the cabling, and they will be happy to discuss any amendments in requirement as the job progresses on site.

If you’d like to talk to us about your cabling requirement, get in touch.