Backup Systems

To ensure that a business can deal with the unforeseen, it is crucial to ensure that key data is being properly managed and secured. CNS can help with a data backup and recovery policy as well as helping to implement disaster recovery planning. We can do this using traditional solutions, such tape or data mirroring, but also using more automated systems.

Back up, back up, back up

Backing up critical data is a key component of any disaster recovery plan, preparing for a fire, a flood or some other unforeseen event. We cannot stress highly enough the importance of backing up data and doing it in a way that means up to date information can be accessed as soon as possible, yet has security of both the stored data and access to it built in.

The CNS team will review the business network architecture, any applications that are running, and the user activity to ensure that plans are in place to replicate what is required to keep the business running, in the event that back-up data is required. We can help construct a day-to-day backup policy, a business continuity plan or a business wide disaster recovery plan, and then implement a bespoke technical solution.

By analysing the business and how it operates on a daily basis, we aim to implement a plan that can, where possible, replicate the processes once a disaster recovery scenario presents itself. In reality, few businesses can justify a plan that replicates every single aspect of their existing infrastructure, mostly due to the budget constraints. Therefore our role is to create a best-case solution, should the worst happen. This trade-off between the level of protection delivered and the absolute cost of the plan is how we determine the right policy for each business. Every business is different as is every industry.

There are several questions that need to be answered in order to provide the best solution:

  • What type of data and systems used?
  • Who accesses the system and how often?
  • In a disaster scenario, would the users accessing the system differ?
  • How quickly does the business needs to recover operations?
  • How recent would the data be that a business need to recover?
  • In what physical location would users work in a disaster scenario?

The complete backup solution

Our experienced engineers will build a custom backup strategy for your company, discussing all your personal business data priorities and budget, to ensure that your business could recover from a severe data loss situation.

  • An engineer will personally check your backup every day; this will be logged and you can ask for a record of this activity.
  • State of the art software monitors file integrity and encryption to make sure your data is secure.
  • Electronic copies are stored on disk based storage instead of old tape systems.
  • Encryption is of the highest level and is recognised and supported by military and financial service companies.

If you’d like to talk to us about your backup systems, get in touch.