According to the 2016 census data 8.5 million people live in the Big Apple (New York). It seems impressive until you realize that there are 15 megacities in China that blow New York away with populations over 10 million. All those humans in one area means that traffic can be a real challenge. One company think it has a commuting solution. A very boxy solution.

Project Redspace’s REDS is an EV commuter vehicle that doubles as an office. The company says that a car spends 90 percent of its time sitting idle in traffic. So why not make the most of this currently waisted time and create a mobile workspace? It achieves this with a chair that swivels 180-degrees and a fold down desk. In our opinion it’s missing a Starbucks coffee machine, it would be the perfect workspace for commuters then.

That car also has a modular offset seating solution with the chairs not directly behind each other for more leg room and those seats can be moved about the cabin. The doors slide like a minivan instead swinging out like a traditional car. Helpful for tight parking spaces. Meanwhile, the roof is a giant solar panel to help keep the EV charged up. It will also support wireless charging sort of like the BMW 530e making finding a power point much easier than you would imagine.

It’s good to see new automakers thinking about how to evolve the interior of the vehicle before self-driving eventually becomes a reality. According to the automaker, it will have these vehicles on the road in China in two years. It calls the car it’s showing off at the LA Auto Show an “alpha prototype.” So the final vehicle might not look as striking as the one on display in the convention center but we are assured they will do the exact same thing. As for US and UK shores, there are no plans to bring it to our less-than-mega cities at the moment, but will other automakers follow suit and make a version more suitable to our traffic in the future? You never know.