Almost all of us have had a hard drive give up on us, leaving your IT device useless.

Without a hard drive, your computer or laptop is pretty much useless. When it goes there is often not much you can do to save it and recovering anything stored on it can be a tough job. If you run your business from your IT equipment, the chances are you have a serious amount of business data stored on that hard drive and if it gives up, you’re in trouble.

First and foremost, we would advice you to constantly back your hard drive up. It’s not easy to retrieve data off a broken one and if you do have vital business information stored on it, you don’t want to risk loosing it.

So back it all up. But in the meantime, here are a few tips for making your hard drive last that little bit longer.

Keep dust to a minimum

When the disk spins inside your hard drive it can often accumulate dust. If your disk becomes particularly dusty, the computer struggles to read it until eventually it will give up altogether. Your trusty vacuum cleaner can help with this by gently hoovering the fan, although this is more difficult with a laptop so get it checked out from time to time.

Keep it cool

As you probably know, your computer or laptop can get very hit when you use it for long periods of time. So, you need to make sure your fan is always working well to keep it cool. Avoid using your laptop on softer surfaces as that can stop air getting to the disk.

Try not to bash it

This can be a problem, particularly on a laptop or mobile device as even if you place it down hard on a surface the arms whicg allow the disk to spin can snap off or get damaged. Make sure you handle with care and reduce too much heavy impact.

We wary of mechanical failing

There is nothing you can do once your hard drive has decided to fail mechanically but you can spot the early signs. It much easier to fix or prevent if you have procedures in place to regularly check the hard drive and keep it healthy.

Hard drives can be pretty delicate things and once they’re gone, they’re gone. So take these steps and it might help them to last that little bit longer, but most importantly, make sure your hard drive is backed up.