The world of IT and technology has been dominated by talk of the smart watch

From Apple to Google, all of the technology giants are dipping their toes into the latest tech phenomenon, that is wearable technology. The smart watch in particular is a highly intelligent piece of wristwear and can be a great tool for out of the office business with it’s ability for instant, on-the-go communication.

However, US tech giant Hewlett-Packard recently declared that even the best-selling smart watches have security problems.

What did they find?

They tested 10 wearables for security features such as password protection and data encryption. They found that all of the watches tested had at least one problem area.

Their test discovered that:

  • Only half of the watches had a lock function, meaning anyone could access their data if stolen
  • 9 of the watches sent data unencrypted, which could be intercepted
  • A third of the devices allowed unlimited log in attempts
  • 2 of the devices easily paired with a new phone if stolen

So what does this tell us?

Whilst there is no doubt that advancement in technology is great for the world of IT and business, this highlights just how important security is, on whatever device you use. The smart watch may make running your business easier, but only if the security isn’t letting you down. Keeping your business data safe is so important. Just because something is clever and new, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be making sure that it is keeping your business data safe.

The IT and technology world is constantly changing and advancing, and that’s great, but don’t forget to be vigilant with your security.