If you’ve ever heard of Knightscope’s security robots, it was probably due to their high-profile failures: A, Robocop failed to detect a staircase and killed itself by driving into a water fountain and B, Another ran over a toddler’s foot in a shopping mall.

On Wednesday, Knightscope announced two new potential mess-ups were joining the force: the K1 and the K5 buggy.

The K1 is a stationary, five-foot-tall egg-tower equipped with “concealed weapon and radiation detection” capabilities. The K1 is designed to spot dangerous materials in airports and hospitals in advance of metal detectors. There’s no overhead enclosure on the device, it scans outwards as people pass by.

These types of Robots have been proven to be useful in business environments as they can detect things that people are carrying, which could save a lot of money on office security or security where there’s big crowds and/or expensive equipment.

Its flashier cousin, looking like a villain from Disney’s Cars series, is the K7: an autonomous buggy, with speeds limited to 3 mph. Unlike the Ryan Lochte-like antics of the K5, the K7 is a non-egg vehicle built for rugged terrain and has a better spatial detection.