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Well 2016 was a year to remember or perhaps a year to forget. How ever you viewed the last 12 months, one thing is for certain, the pace of technology hasn’t slowed down and 2016 brought us some amazing tech. Smartphones are getting smarter (when not catching fire), tablets are getting slicker and laptops are getting slimmer and much more powerful. Software releases from VMWare, Windows and Apple happened, but perhaps the biggest issue on IT departments minds was security.

Cyber security seemed to be in the news every week in 2016. From the Panama Papers to Clintons email and the Ukraine power grid, the loss of data or the hacking of systems was top of mind and all over the news.

Keeping on top of data security should be top on mind for any business, but especially businesses where the data is business or client sensitive. And it’s not just about keeping data safe from hacking attacks, it’s also about keeping it safe and accessible for your business from any location at any time.

Securing your data doesn’t have to be difficult or something you should worry about, because we make it our job to worry about it. Putting your data in the hands of experts, with secure systems and even securer back ups, should be high on your list of New Years resolutions even if you don’t expect to get infiltrated by a bunch of hackers this January.

It just makes sound business sense to keep your vital business data safe. In the past, this data would have been locked away in a filling cabinet, in a locked room, in a locked building, with alarms and perhaps onsite security. Now this data is electronic, how many levels of security does the typical business use? In our experience it’s many less levels than before, in the days of locks and keys. So perhaps now would be a good time to look at cyber security and how best to implement it for your business.

CNS are experts in data security and handle the data needs of many business both large and small. Using secure cloud storage they can help any business safely manage their data and make it totally secure and yet fully accessible to both office and remote workers.

So if you want to start off 2017 in the right way, take a serious look at your data security and a serious look at CNS IT.