Industry giant Sony Entertainment are victims of hackers as top secret information is leaked to the world

So what happened?

As many people will already be aware, Sony entertainment became the latest victim of computer hackers and according to reports, lead to them having to conduct a system shut down. It has been reported that the hackers accessed multiple files within the companies system including passwords and their schedule of production.

Many successful organisations like Sony are targeted almost everyday by hackers because of their high profiles. For large companies such as Sony problems like the above can have many negative effects. It can create a lot of pressure and tension. It can also be very embarrassing and damaging to a companies reputation. And it can be very costly to fix the problem.

Many large organisations are now dependent on their information technology infrastructure being reliable. Without it the organisation may be forced to spend both time and money on resolving technological issues. There is also the risk of loss or corruption of important files and documents that may contain valuable information as illustrated by the recent case regarding Sony. CNS can offer packages that can eliminate any unnecessary threats.

Protection against invaders

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So you may not be an industry giant like Sony, but that doesn’t mean that protecting your business is not important. Anyone can be hacked. Get in touch with CNS and make sure that you are not a victim of an IT invasion.