New research suggests that just £75 ($100) of electric components can defeat an iPhone passcode security.

A Cambridge computer scientist cloned iPhone memory chips, allowing him an unlimited number of attempts to guess a passcode. The work contradicts a claim made by the FBI earlier this year that this approach would not work.

Dr Sergei Skorobogatov, from the University of Cambridge computer laboratory, has spent four months building a testing rig to bypass iPhone 5C pin codes.

Essentially, he proved that using this little bit of technology, he could have as many goes as he wanted to bypass the security codes and get into the system.

Cybercrime is not always sophisticated

It doesn;t have to be a multi-million-pound operation that involves months of planning and the latest technology. An understanding of the device and an electric component worth less than £100 could get you into an iPhone. And as pretty much everyone has an iPhone these days, you can access really sensitive data from these smartphones.

It has never been more crucial then, to be aware of the threat online and in technology. The threats can come from anywhere and in many different forms so you must be aware and vigilant when it comes to security. It’s not worth taking the risk, whatever kind of technology you are using.