You’re a SMB. You work with computers. Should you invest in IT support?

You employ a small number of staff, are a pretty local business and don’t have a big budget. You may ask yourself then whether it’s worth taking money from that tight budget and giving it to an IT support company.

So many companies, in so many different sectors including the legal, manufacturing and charity sector, rely heavily on computers and other technology. It has transformed the way we do business and dramatically improved the possibilities. But technology can fail in any business, however big or small. And whilst it is true that a big business has a lot more information to lose, that doesn’t make it any more important.

Evan as a small business you could lose your CRM, all your email contacts and correspondence, information about wages, supplier, employees and products, and perhaps even more.

For small businesses, the loss of this data could be more catastrophic than it is for a big business.

So if you’ve not backed this data up, you’ve probably lost it. Especially if your hard drive has fried. If you were savvy enough to back it up, you still have the arduous task of sourcing a new piece of equipment, reinstalling your software and restoring all your data.

When working with technology, it’s best to be prepared for the worst because the worst can happen to anyone. Shelling out for one off help from a local IT or computer shop can cost you a small fortune. So even if you are a small business, it’s worth checking out what and IT support company can do for you. It may be worth it in the long run.

Instead of asking yourself do I need IT support? Ask yourself, how would be cope if we lost everything?