Do you resort to using the same password for all your accounts? Is that password simply ‘password’? You are not alone!

New data produced by SplashData, gathered by analysing 3.3 million leaked passwords, has revealed the words most commonly used as passwords online in 2014.


Number sequences in different variations, all beginning with ‘123’ featured throughout the list, with ‘123456’ topping the list as the worst possible password to use on the internet. First names and birthdays were also common on the list, as were sports such as ‘golf’, ‘football’ and ‘hockey’. But perhaps most predictable are words like ‘qwerty’ and ‘password’, with the latter coming second on the list of predictable passwords.

It is perhaps then unsurprising that computer hackers are muscling their way in to our systems and stealing our data. Not just us, in fact, the news over the last few months has proved that even massive, multi-million dollar companies are susceptible to a hacker or two.

Why are we so bad at thinking of passwords?

So why is it that we make ourselves vulnerable on the internet by coming up with a pretty lame excuse for a password? Not only that, but we use this lame password for all of our online accounts and programs.

Perhaps it is simply too much effort to have to remember multiple passwords, each containing uppercase, lowercase and numeric characters. But, unfortunately, that is the best way to ensure you are not making it easy for hackers to get in.

In today’s technology dominated world, we are doing more and more online. Finances and business are often conducted over the internet. So if you are a business, it is imperative that you don’t make yourselves vulnerable when using the internet.

Let us help

We can help with security systems and antivirus programmes to help keep the hackers at bay. We can procure, install and manage these systems so that security is not something you have to worry about. However, this is somewhat pointless if you get lazy and leave your business open by protecting it with ‘a feeble password. Yes, it is easy for you to remember, but it is just as easy for a hacker to remember. And once they have got in, they can do a lot of damage.

So be password savvy, take a look at the entire list of predictable passwords here and if your password is there, maybe you should think about changing it…