Do you use Apple products, such as the iMac or iPad for business? I yes, then keep an eye out for hackers!

A security expert has issued a warning to those of us who use Apple products, and lets face it, that’s a lot of people! According to the expert, cybercriminals are targeting Apple uses because they are more likely to have a disposable income.

On Monday, blogger Graham Cluley reported receiving a text message scam on his Apple device that tried to trick people into handing over important account information. Scammers sent out alerts to victims’ smartphones, claiming their Apple ID accounts were going to expire. The message encouraged people to visit a fake website where they were asked to enter their account information. The spoof website looked remarkably similar to the real thing, meaning people could be easily fooled and provide their details. Cluley stated that the scammers ¬†“deliberately took advantage of people’s trust in the Apple brand to steal information.”

Apple themselves have now warned users about entering details on spoof sites.

Safe with Apple

Until now, one of Apple’s biggest selling points has been the tight security on the devices. They stay, on the whole, virus free and are generally much safer than your average computer or laptop. However, the decision by hackers to specifically target those using an iPad or a Macbook could see a change in Apple’s security status.

Just because you are using an Apple device, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about security. If you are using an IT system of ANY kind to do business, then you need to have security measures in place.

The trouble now is that despite Apple’s safe reputation, hackers have decided to follow the money. Cluley wrote in his blog this week¬†“Apple products cost more than some of their competitors so it’s likely that their customers have more disposable income. That’s cash which the bad guys would like to have filling their pockets.”

So if you’ve spent serious money on an Apple device and you are using it to run your business or to store business data then don’t take safety for granted. Keep your data safe and don;t let the hackers make you vulnerable.