The main problem with last-mile transportation options like scooters and bikes is, they’re still really cumbersome to lug around, even if they do fold down. Manufacturers are certainly pushing those boundaries. The Cubike is a crowdfunded foldable electric kickscooter that collapses into really small package. I mean, really small.

Best of all, the bike folds down into a compact size roughly about an A4 sheet of paper in width. That means it can go into small lockers or get carried around without getting in the way. There is of course such things as office scooters being used in forward thinking and hectic offices, could this be something CNS looks at in the future? The little bike comes with several trimmings, such as a small grid of LED headlights in the front, and fairly decent four-inch treaded tires.

Cubike claims it’s capable of around five hours of use, or to cover about 40km (24 miles) on a single charge. The bike charges from empty to full in about four hours. The bike had raised 267209 yuan (£40,317) in January on a Chinese crowdfunding platform, more than double of its goal.

It’s unclear how sturdy riding the bike is, although you probably shouldn’t expect too much from something that prioritises a slim profile. Still, an early review online notes that the scooter is reasonably solid, with two wheels at the back to help with balance, and can carry up to a 100kg (220 pounds) load.

The company is now taking orders on its website, although it’s just for domestic users for now. But who knows what could happen in the future, here at CNS we are of course always looking out for new and upcoming technology and this caught our eye, will small lightweight scooters like the Cubike be zooming around our offices in years to come?

It hits the market at just 2988 yuan (£450), so get ready to buy one when it reaches bigger ecommerce sites like Taobao or Aliexpress.

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