For a long time no people have been talking about robots becoming the latest business technology.

Computers can already do some pretty superhuman things and practically do our jobs for us a lot of the time. With the advance in technology when it comes to robots, it might not be long before we have electronic assistants helping out around the office.

But, the latest news for the robot creators is that the machines might not just be senseless yet effective IT technology, they could be programmed to imitate human emotions.

Robot technology taking over

This is the radical suggestion of Patrick Levy Rosenthal, founder and chief executive of Emoshape, a tech firm that has developed a computer chip that can synthesise 12 human emotions.

He said: “We can teach them to feel happiness when they perform well, solve problems and receive positive feedback from humans.” He believes that by giving these machines the ability to feel something, we reduce the threat of them taking over!

What does this mean for IT support?

So perhaps worrying about a robot revolution is a bit premature, but having an intelligent, efficient and highly practical piece of IT equipment that can follow you around the office and perform tasks for itself may not be that far off. With technology advancing quicker than ever before, we business owners and IT support teams have to be prepared to consider the new technology and exactly what it could do for our business.