Cloud Email

There are many cloud email solutions, but the first question is not which, but whether. Although cloud email and cloud services in general are the hot topic at the moment, these may not be right for all businesses. At CNS we work with businesses to make sure cloud email is right for them and then implement the correct solution.

On-site v cloud

Cloud email has some advantages over locally based solutions. Set up costs are lower for a cloud system as you are leveraging the latest and best storage technology at the cloud site; as tech moves on, you benefit without further investment at a local level. Deployment is also faster, especially for a new business, and cloud email for the company can be up and running in days rather than possibly weeks. Capital expenditure is also less, but cloud email services do come at a fixed monthly cost per mailbox, so this has to be factored into any cost-based decision.

Services available

There are many players in the cloud email market, and this of course includes all the big technology firms. Microsoft heads the big league with their Exchange Online product. As with many of the services, this is more than just email; calendar and contacts are all stored on the cloud, making them accessible from any device, anywhere at any time.

Before you decide on cloud for your business, talk to us and we’ll help your business to make the right decision. If you’d like to talk to us about your cloud email requirements, get in touch.