Cloud Desktop

What is a cloud desktop?

It’s an entire PC system sitting inside the Cloud. Your computer is now in the Cloud and accessible from anywhere, no matter where you are or what device you are using. You can log on to the Cloud Desktop and access the same computer – your computer. This is not just your files, but your entire computer and all the related software. To reach ‘your’ cloud desktop all you need is a computer with an internet connection and you have full access.

Who uses it?

Cloud desktop services are particularly useful for people who work at multiple sites, or have a flexible working pattern that means they often work from home. A cloud desktop means that whatever device they use, they will be essentially working on the same computer, so there are no issues with files syncing between devices.

But I could just use a laptop.

Yes you could, but a cloud desktop offers advantages over using a laptop as a main computer. Many people who use cloud desktop will also have a laptop as the device they use to access their files and software remotely. The advantage of the cloud system is that the laptop doesn’t need to store any files locally and needs none of the software that the user accesses on a daily basis. The laptop can therefore be smaller, lighter and more cost effective to run alongside a main desktop system.


There are several providers that offer cloud desktop services. It’s essential that companies get the right product to suit their needs, as the feature sets are many and varied.

If you think that cloud desktop sounds like a service that would benefit your business, then get in touch today and we’ll find the right solution for you.