Why you shouldn’t worry about cloud security myths.

More and more businesses are moving their IT over to the cloud, however as with any thing new some people are understandably cautious about cloud security and how their data will be kept safely and securely.

Security within business IT has always been a headache – it is vital that confidential or sensitive company information remains private. It has always been a comfort to IT managers and directors alike to have their data stored in house where it is physically in their possession however this is expensive and takes up a huge amount of space which could be unutilised to more productive business activities. With data stored in the cloud, there are obvious concerns that files and information could fall into the wrong hands.

However, both IT support specialists like ourselves and indeed Microsoft are aware of this concern and have taken steps to ensure that these cloud security issues do not arise.

Director of Program Management for Microsoft, Vivek Sharma explained that they have designed a ‘two key’ approach to make sure that permission levels are only raised when necessary, and it is only done with the knowledge and consent of others. He explained that when dealing with a cloud security incident, a user is able to request further privileges, and this request must be granted by at least one other person involved in the same service.