We’ve often talked in our blogs about how business is moving online and data storage is moving to the cloud.

With the cloud becoming such a big player in business now, it;s important that you choose the right cloud storage service for your business. You want something flexible, affordable, and most importantly, safe. To help make the decision a little easier, we’ve listed a few possibilities that we’ve found to be reliable cloud storage services.


Founded in 2008, Dropbox is now one of the most popular services for storing data with the cloud. It’s got more than 175 million users uploading over a billion files everyday. It’s really easy to set up and to use, sharing files is made easy and you can get mobile apps to make it even more convenient.

To start with, you can get 2GB of space free, which is one of the lowest free allowances out there. From then on, it will cost you around £8 a month for 100GB worth of storage.

Google Drive

Google can do pretty much anything, so it;s no surprise that they have a cloud storage service to compete with the best of them. Google Drive is great if you use a lot of Googles other services (like Docs and Gmail) as it works with them really well. It’s pretty easy to use as well, even if you’re not using Google elsewhere, but not quite as smooth and simple as Dropbox. The best thing about Google Drive is the way it makes collaborative work easy, it handles multiple people working in the same file really well.

You get 15GB of free space on start up (significantly more than Dropbox) and after that you’re looking at around £4 a month for 100GB.


SkyDrive is pretty similar to Google Drive and Dropbox in terms of what it has to offer but it’s perhaps not quite as smooth. The benefits to using SkyDrive are big for a PC user, particularly on Windows 8, as SkyDrive will be completely compatible with what you do.

You get 7GB free at the beginning (better than Dropbox, but not quite as good as Google Drive) and then you’re looking at around £40 a year for 100GB of cloud storage. It does have a file size limit however, of 2GB.

As it looks as though in future, most businesses will be using the cloud to store sensitive data, it really is important that you choose a well-known and reliable service. These are just a few of the ones on the market, there are plenty out there, but you need to make sure that you do your research before choosing a data service. The chances are, you will be using the cloud storage service to store sensitive and important information, so you need to know that you can trust the system you’re storing it with.